Our Services

If you are new to our platform, we work closely with clients, from strategy to implementation to sales.

Specialising in face-to-face marketing, we help our clients to increase their brand awareness and market share.

We provide the best customer service and we are extremely passionate individuals!

Many companies have a variety of marketing and promotional ideas. But even in this world of digital communications, one crucial part of this mix is the face-to-face sales that is known to provide a more personalised and vivid experience for potential buyers.

We offer our clients a way to introduce, advertise, sell and activate their products or brand through face-to-face marketing.

Face-to-face sales can increase market share, revenue, connect our client with the right customer base and strengthen their brand. Here at Innovation Organization, we are trusted by clients to be representing them ranging from

Telecommunications, pay TV, broadband, insurance, consumer products, transport, financial services, technology, fundraising, lifestyle and energy.

We are experienced in delivering targeted campaigns, ensuring high volume and high-quality customer acquisitions. vet and locate the right location to sell based on the target audience we plan to reach.

This includes developing sales collaterals like pitch cards, brochures, flyers and posters for the clients.